Tanning Technology

The melting point between industry and craftsmanship.

Laser Fashion offers high-end items renewing themselves collection after collection to meet the specific requests dictated by the fashion system.

The secret of our success is hidden behind the skilful use of machines capable of enhancing the great patrimony of manual skills that the company holds and that has been handing down from generation to generation.
The company has always put its know-how at the disposal of the stylistic research for the new collections of the biggest fashion brands, proposing itself as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Free imaginative mind.

The machines designed to engrave, carve and print in synergy with purely manual processes, create unique and versatile items featuring the style and creativity typical of Made in Italy.

The research and protection of the heritage of craft skills, from which the tannery cannot be separated, are the means by which technology expresses its full potential and the goal that Laser Fashion has always pursued in order to grow.

------- Between innovation and tradition

Our catalogue

Laser Fashion makes use of collaborations with highly qualified professionals to create collections of high aesthetic and technological content for footwear, leather goods and garment. This results into a broad catalogue of items including lasered, carved, digitally and traditionally printed, perforated and Herme sheep and goat skins.


Top quality items, both classic and trendy, which can intercept and meet the needs of the most demanding designers and offices.