Laser Fashion

We produce high-range leather goods in Solofra

The history of the Vietri family in the tanning world began almost forty years ago. Precisely in the 80s, in Solofra, when the family company was still called VP Stamperia. Twenty years later, thanks to a series of investments aimed at developing new services and skills, Laser Fashion Srl is born.

2001 - Today

Since its foundation in 2001, the Laser Fashion tannery has been specializing in the treatment and finishing of leathers with laser technology, thus creating items for high-end collections.


In 2009, the strong and growing demand for increasingly sophisticated items led the company to further expand its investments in human resources and innovation, thus introducing a wide range of treatments and processes such as high definition digital printing on leather.

------- Innovation and tradition

The Laser Fashion team

Always up with the times and with changing fashions, Laser Fashion has built an all-Italian brand revolving around technology and craftsmanship.


The added value of the company is the internal team that puts its know-how at the service of technology. The corporate philosophy of Laser Fashion, indeed, places human value at the centre of its activities.

Antonietta Curcio
Coordinamento vendite

Antonietta Curcio


Team di sviluppo

Angelo Vietri


Coordinamento vendite
Sviluppo del business

Luigi Vietri