Sampling service

Technical assistance

Laser Fashion is an operative partner in the Italian and international Fashion System supply chain.
Our company puts its development team at the service of the most prestigious style offices, in order to establish collaborations of a technical nature to develop items that are a functional synthesis of the synergy between materials, manufacture and design.
The internal development team conducts research and experimentation by coordinating business partners, studying seasonal fashion trends, creating different collections for each season and developing new palettes of colours and application techniques.
Laser Fashion also makes use of external laboratories in order to guarantee all the necessary quality tests.

Thanks to a laboratory equipped with the most advanced technologies, Laser Fashion is able to meet every type of order directly from its company headquarters, so to ensure a fast and efficient service.

------- We respect man and the environment

Our idea of sustainability

The corporate philosophy of Laser Fashion places man and the environment at the centre of its work. This is why every corporate activity is programmed to be sustainable also from an environmental point of view.


The tannery is, indeed, equipped with a cogeneration plant through which it is possible to produce thermal and electric energy fully respecting the environment.